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“Make your business social.”

Google+ urges businesses to create a page on their site by offering beneficial insight into search (SEO) and social. With over one million brands signing up in the first six months, Google+ now has 500 million total users and over 135 million active users.

What exactly does the search and social marketing hybrid bring to the virtual table? To begin with, G+ has the entirety of the number one search engine behind it, meaning your business page will be indexed most accurately and effectively. This alone makes quite the case for marketers looking for new brand visibility outlets.google plus 22

Of course, the benefits for businesses extend far past being found and shared. As illustrated above, Google reports that Search ads using Google+ average 5-10% more clicks. The +1 button can be added to various social sites and advertisements, contributing to the credibility of your brand. Google puts it best when they explain simply: “People trust recommendations from people they know.” Authorship certifies a certain credibility that sets G+ apart as well.

Brands looking to cultivate existing and potential customer engagement on the network need to examine user demographics. Currently, Google+ is 67% male, with the average user being a 28 year old “techie” (stereotype shown below). Although that is likely to change as its presence continues to expand, it’s important to keep in mind when posting content.techie3

Your Google+ business strategy should be to provide those users with content they will want to read, +1 and share.  The site typically has a more professional voice than many of the other personal-focused networks, and educational, timely content is highly ranked. It also allows for more lengthy posts, further aiding in SEO keywords and phrases.

Social brands have the opportunity to attain more prospects and measure their reach on Google+ Ripples. Features including circles, communities and hangouts further lend to thought leadership – asserting your brand as the go-to source. In particular, circles allow marketers to target messages to relevant audiences.

It’s critical to identify top influencers on Google+ in all facets of your industry. Taking into consideration the above demographics and opportunities, you need to determine who will be most effective in spreading your content. Then, you want to engage them with interesting questions and comments. Speak honestly and trust them with your message – this will lead to authenticity (Read more on influencers here!) This will also increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your own site.

Stay tuned for our next post in the Google+ series about its SEO benefits. Contact us for a Google+ audit today.

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