Google+ (G+) is here to stay. What has emerged from the constant flux of new networks, ideas and solutions – and numerous Google-branded flops along the way – is the clear superiority of the search and social combination. This post is the first of a series around the benefits of Google+; we’ll address the social network from both a search (SEO) and social perspective.

Although many have tried to pin it down as another social competitor – Google’s bid at Facebook – the differences are too grandiose and the goals too high for the network to settle as a simple place for consumers to connect.

G+ stands out from the rest of social media in regard to audience and purpose. Other networks seem to fulfill a certain desire or niche: Twitter is effective for news, Facebook for friends and family, and LinkedIn for business. G+, on the other hand, doesn’t fit in any specific box.

Looking at the enhancements since initial launch, it appears the world’s most renowned search engine has been ahead of detractors since the beginning. As society moves increasingly toward the internet for all means of personal and business-related communication, Google has a streamlined solution ready.  There are many benefits of Google+, with the most prominent being the integration of search and social.

Google is beginning its’ quest to maximize visibility of Google+ through SEO. Not only does the search engine give G+ visibility, but G+ also benefits Google by way of social signals for ranking data, diminishing reliance on links as a sole popularity and authority metric. Shares of links and brand mentions on G+ are helping to influence how Google indexes websites in the search results.

The way in which users utilize G+ is expansive and still largely unrecognized. The growing integration, for instance, means a user can chat a friend, check their email, research a project, buy a gift offer and log in to a webinar all on the same network, essentially simultaneously.

The future continues to encroach upon technology in a way that makes it difficult to keep up. G+ is one of the few that actually seems to take part in shaping it, as well as addressing the advancing power of search and social in all realms of business.

Stay tuned for more posts on the benefits of Google plus. They will include, but not be limited to, the business case, social media benefits and SEO benefits. Contact us for a Google+ audit today.

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