“2013’s emerging trends will focus on how to measure, analyze, and engage audiences effectively on social networks.” – Search Engine Journal.

As social media continues to increase its presence in accordance with search, businesses are often left wondering which networks are most valuable. Each poses different opportunities depending upon brand audience and goals, but there are three in particular that should be universally optimized heading into the New Year. Keep reading below to find out what the networks of note are for 2013.

  1. Google+: The ground-breaking combination of search and social intertwined in this network provides much room for growth and future adaptation. The SEO benefits alone yield reason for all businesses to jump on board, and the social features continue to roll-out and improve. It is important to build a strong presence on this channel as we move into the upcoming year. After initially creating a page, you should reach out to influencers, post content daily, and take advantage of the offered opportunities – hangouts, communities, circles and more.
  2. Pinterest: As the fastest growing social network this past year, Pinterest has revolutionized image-based social media. With roughly 11 million users, the site is slowly but surely beginning to cater more toward businesses (as evident in the launch of Pinterest for Business). So far, it has proven to be quite successful in converting pins to purchases for e-tail, and the addition of features such as price-pointed pins and gifts will only continue to expand effectiveness. Pinterest also recently added support for Twitter Cards, a strategic move in cross-promotion.
  3. Twitter: After Instagram declared “war” and removed the option to optimize images for tweets, Twitter responded by creating their own picture app to incorporate in the channel. With filters available – as shown here – and an open API, 2013 can only mean more positive changes for the channel. The site now claims over 200 million monthly active users and reigns #2 amidst social giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

2013 will be an interesting time in the digital sphere, with even established networks looking to stand out among the rest. To further improve ROI, sales and customer acquisition by way of these increasingly important social channels, contact us for a social media optimization audit!