Google Analytics is an extremely effective business tool when it comes to measuring sales and conversions, as well as providing digital demographic insight. In order to maximize marketing impact, companies often turn to specialists, in which analytic audits and assessments are necessary. There are six steps you must take so that those helping you are able to view your Google Analytics account. There is no limit on users, as long as they have a basic Google account.

To provide Google Analytics access to an outside viewer, you must add them to your account with the following steps:

1)      Log into your Google Analytics account.

2)      Click on the “Admin” tab and find your account.Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 4.04.07 PM

3)      Select the domain you wish to provide access to.

4)      Click on “Users.” 11 shot

5)      Click on the “+ New User” button.

6)    Enter user’s email address in the field provided, select the access level that will be granted to them and “create user.”new user shot

The user will then receive an email that notifies them that they have Analytics access.
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