Thanks in large part to the succinct nature of social media platforms today, attention spans are waning at an exorbitant speed. When it comes to capturing the attention of consumers, images reign – even over slight 140-character briefs.

On Facebook especially – a typically more text-heavy site – optimized images are crucial to stand out and increase engagement. Along with profile pictures and cover photos, page posts should include images as often as possible.

44% of users are more likely to engage with brands on Facebook if they post pictures. More specifically, high-quality and high-resolution images further raise engagement.

Professional-quality photo content generated the most feedback in a marketing survey, with 121% more Facebook shares – an average of 90.64 shares per post. Semi-professional images garnered an average of 40.91 shares per post, and picture-less posts only generated 8.73 shares.

The following two images from the Microsoft Store Facebook page demonstrate the increased engagement that comes with clear images.








Brands on Facebook have an elevated opportunity when it comes to cross-promotion with other image-based platforms. For instance, sharing Instagram photos gives more room for creativity, as well as the possibility of arranging multiple images in one. Pinterest also allows the sharing of pins on Facebook, further diversifying the type of images you’re posting.

Other captivating alternatives to text include memes and personal “ecards.” Facebook enables brands to present a less formal side than on their official business site, and inserting products or services into a funny “meme of the moment” –  based on current events, etc. – will increase engagement.


Facebook image optimization should be incorporated into your larger social media optimization (SMO) strategy to increase sales and ROI along with customer engagement. For more information on “Increasing the Value of Your Facebook Community,” download our complimentary report here.

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  • Perry Belcher

    Agreed !! most likes comes by the image as compare to the texts, Images are really beneficial for increase in like’s and networking on Facebook.