g+Home to 400 million total users, and 100 million active monthly users, Google+ is a social network that best exemplifies the convergence of search and social media.

While technically a social site, Google+ also carries significant SEO value. G+ is the best of both worlds in terms of maximizing digital visibility and social engagement. Following is an outline as to how the platform presents numerous benefits when it comes to optimizing social media to increase SEO value.

  1. Linking: Inbound linking comes by way of link opportunities on your profile to other sites and networks. Follower groups increase backlinks.
  2. Followers: The more followers you have, the higher the potential to increase your customer base, along with your credibility within the site.
  3. Keywords: Information on Google+ is more easily indexed than other social platforms because of the emphasis on content. There are opportunities for longer title tags and in-depth personal/brand information gives search engines more to pull from.
  4. Content: The +1 sharing button on G+ is more important than comments in increasing search rank. An emphasis is placed on fresh content. Quality matters over quantity because you want the content to engage and encourage interaction and “+1’s.”
  5. Local: G+ local pages play a huge factor in improving local SEO visibility. Search engines pull from Google+ pages, along with your own site location page and reviews. More information on this can be found here.

Search engines now place an emphasis on content creation and social sharing. Incorporating Google+ into your digital marketing strategy is critical when it comes to increasing your brands organic and local search rank.

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