11057782-seattle-search-engine-optimization53% of organic search clicks go to the first link.

The second link garners only 15% of total clicks. The third, fourth and fifth links receive a meager 9%, 6% and 4%. These numbers alone exemplify the importance of an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

ZOG Digital Senior Vice President of Optimization, Jason Squardo, says the huge drop off from first to second displays significant value to be gained in the improvement to the number one position. It further proves that being found anywhere on the first page of search results is no longer enough – placement is the most critical factor.

This study from Compete.com is consistent with previous organic search numbers. Squardo says that in the past, the first link gathered about 45% of total clicks. The recent competitive leap to 53% shows the increasing importance of advancing search engine optimization tactics, as well as the changing search expectations of users.

It was also found that 85% of all listings shown are organic, and 15% paid. Within the paid search results, ads at the top of the page received the most clicks by far -59% of all ad clicks went to the first shown. Positions were not as important when it came to ads at the bottom of the page.

Along with paid search campaigns, it’s critical that your brand maintains an ongoing SEO strategy. By optimizing on-page, off-page and local SEO, you are taking the necessary steps to ensure long-term digital marketing success.

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