In a world of extremes, a “like” on Facebook rarely expresses our true feelings. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a pumpkin cupcake being displayed on our newsfeed, the accurate response is typically closer to NEED.

Luxury fashion brand Oscar De La Renta understands this dilemma. They’ve gone above and beyond to address it by adding the options “need,” “obsessed,” and “own,” to every product page on their site. Further pulling inspiration from the social world, they also display product images in a block pattern, similar to the Pinterest layout.

By fully embracing the evolving digital design sphere, Oscar De La Renta proves site optimization can go hand-in-hand with social media optimization (SMO).  Social networks provide different opportunities to reach target consumers. This is especially critical for industries such as luxury fashion, which attracts a very specific audience base.

Luxury consumers are often brand loyal, meaning there is less cross-visiting and more engagement with those already purchasing. Social media is perfect in this instance, as it allows brands to utilize current customers to connect with others who are also interested in luxury fashion, therefore increasing consumer acquisition, sales and ROI.

Facebook provides invaluable insight into user demographics. Friends on Facebook often share similar interests and backgrounds – meaning those who are sharing their Oscar De La Renta purchases are often reaching those who would also be willing to purchase. The recent release of Enhanced Page Post Targeting allows for further niche marketing.

Facebook brand pages also present opportunities for exclusivity. If you like the page, you can have access to more information or offers. Stuart Weitzman created exclusive films for the brand on Facebook to create more social buzz.

Pinterest is expected to account for 40% of all social media driven purchases this year. It is an extremely effective sharing platform, and the click-through conversion rate is impressive because images are linked directly to brand sites. Gucci is one luxury brand that is revolutionizing Pinterest potential by creating a “pinnable” banner ad. Their digital campaign includes the option for users to “Pin It” in the corner of the images. Although most ads are typically “pinnable,” it brings another level of social media awareness.

There are numerous other successful social platforms for those in the luxury fashion industry, such as YouTube and Tumblr. One way YouTube has been utilized in the past – by marketers including Marc Jacobs and Burberry – is by way of live-streamed runway shows.

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