Pizza Hut and Jet Blue Get Politically Involved


In the “Pizza Party” campaign, Pizza Hut is offering free pizza for life to the person who asks the candidates whether “they prefer sausage or pepperoni?” The challenger has to be an official attendee at the next formal debate, which excludes most of those who would be willing.

You know those people who threaten to leave the country if their candidate doesn’t win? Jet Blue is helping them make good on it. The airline company is offering free flights in the “Election Protection” campaign. In order to enter for the chance to win a ticket, you have to select your Presidential choice on the site. After the election, 1,006 tickets will be given away.

These creative advertising campaigns not only promote the individual brands, but are effective in raising awareness for the upcoming election. By inserting themselves into current events, Pizza Hut and Jet Blue are utilizing a critical digital marketing tactic!


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