“Social media’s influence on driving business via the web is expected to surpass search engine optimization (SEO) in 2013.” — eMarketer

The above prediction demonstrates the changing way of the web. As consumers alter the way the internet is used, marketers must subsequently adapt digital tactics.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will always have an integral role in promoting brands online, as sites such as Google are the universal answer when it comes to researching the unknown. This also necessitates the importance of search ranking – web users predominantly click on the top four results for any particular search, and then move on.

The rise of social media only increases the power of search. Social media optimization (SMO) builds upon SEO in a circular cycle – sharing leads to increased linking, which causes an increase in popularity and visibility.

When it comes to the purchase path, for example, 58% of consumers start with search, and 40% are then motivated to use social media to further their research. Overall, the combination of search and social is said to increase click-through-rates (CTR) by 94%.

Advertising solutions – PPC, Retargeting and Paid Social – all work to increase the impact of search and social. “Paid media complements all solutions, accelerating results,” says our Vice President of Paid Media, Kim Giroux.


ZOG Digital combined the above three solutions in the S2 Platform because we know that the more a brand understands how their customers search and engage; the better they can connect and increase ROI. By monitoring trends in digital conversations and analyzing changes, S2 allows the adjustment of strategies and tactics accordingly.

The influence search, social and paid media have on each other has the potential to revolutionize digital marketing. S2 streamlines all the information to track the metrics that matter and deliver unparalleled results.

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