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It’s no accident that two of the top 10 brand pages on Pinterest are HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens. The fastest growing site in history, Pinterest is known for being highly design and DIY-oriented, making it the perfect promotional platform for those within the home improvement industry.

Pinterest enables users to collect and organize tips and plans for specific areas and projects as well as general I’ll-get-there-someday ideas. For the home improvement sector, there’s no better way to highlight products and services, while still offering helpful knowledge and benefits to the consumer.

Pinterest is expected to account for 40% of all social media driven purchases this year, and that is largely because consumers trust the recommendations of others over advertisements. The site allows those in the home improvement industry to give advice on products, brands and services, as well as recommend retail stores, while still allowing consumers to connect with others who have first-hand experience.

The fact that Pinterest typically attracts more women than men is not an issue in this industry, as women currently make up about 44 percent of the DIY market. Plus, pins can be shared on other social networks such as Facebook, and having a brand page on Pinterest can aid in SEO efforts.

The site also presents a good opportunity for user engagement. Before-and-after challenges and contests revolving around specific board categories and pins will drum up overall awareness and brand visibility. The goal is to drive traffic to sites for online purchases and, for those users who will do research online but make purchases in-store, to inspire retail and brand recognition that lead to increased sales.

Pinterest optimization is one piece in the larger social media optimization (SMO) puzzle. Other social sites should certainly be utilized, and the greatest digital marketing impact will result when you incorporate SEO and Paid Media efforts as well.

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