Facebook and Pinterest and Google – Oh my! These are some of the online resources consumers will turn to this year for Halloween costume ideas. About 7% will check out costumes on Pinterest; 15% on Facebook. A larger group will use search engines to gather ideas, with 33% citing it as the main source of inspiration.

A record number of Americans – 7 in 10 – plan to celebrate Halloween this year, and $8 billion dollars is predicted to be spent in preparation. How can marketers take advantage of all of this?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is beneficial when it comes to the consumers turning to Google. SEO ensures your business will be found when specific keywords are entered; meaning holiday-specific items should be considered when optimizing competitive keywords.  Obviously this is more relevant for some than others – for instance, this solution should be top of mind for costume retailers and party product stores.

Social media optimization (SMO) is important for every industry – even if your brand has no ties to Halloween-centric brands or products – because it allows you to insert yourself into any and all timely events. The Oreo “Daily Twist” campaign is an excellent example of successfully marketing a brand by incorporating current conversations.

Facebook’s new targeting feature allows for niche advertising to those who are interested in Halloween or of a certain age group or demographic. For instance, you can be as detailed as marketing only to those who like scary movies. Pinterest is helpful in that the visual site allows prices to be attached, and will take the consumer directly to your site.

Consumers are expected to spend more this year – the average person will spend $79.82 on decorations, costume and candy. For online retailers, linking is important, along social media, paid search and digital advertising. For retail locations, local SEO is critical.

Be creative in the weeks leading up to the holiday, even if it’s as simple as increasing engagement on social networks by incorporating Halloween-related questions, or including “witchy words” in your ads. Whether you are in the financial or automotive industry, everyone appreciates a good ghost joke. And Halloween candy, of course.