smartphone2How many brand slogans can you recite by memory? What about commercial jingles? It’s impossible to go an entire day without seeing an advertisement of some sort. We’re inundated with them by way of print, TV, radio and on all technological devices. It’s typically not voluntary, but it is effective.

The point of an advertisement is to capture attention, to inspire the consumer to take action. Often, however, the outreach would end there, as the advertiser would have to wait it out and hope the consumer remembered their brand at the store. That was before the rise of smartphones.

Now there are over 237 million smartphone users. The devices allow consumers to access the internet from absolutely anywhere – revolutionizing the effectiveness of advertisements.

71% of U.S. smartphone users have searched after seeing an ad. The connection is instantaneous – rarely are we without phones today, and so at any point, in any location, users can search a brand, product or service. This is beneficial for every industry, as even traditional mediums such as TV and newspapers can integrate mobile engagement and spark search curiosity. It allows for a diverse target audience reach, and makes it easier to incorporate local SEO.

The benefits of mobile go beyond increasing awareness and visibility. 53% of searchers make a purchase as a result of a smartphone search in the U.S. No longer is it necessary to wait to buy an item – consumers can do it at the click of a phone button.

Beyond just retail and consumer goods, mobile search has the potential to play a large role in the travel and restaurant industries as well. It allows consumers to research places they hear about on an advertisement, from word-of-mouth or just in passing.  In fact, 30% of all restaurant searches are done on a mobile phone.

For all industries, it’s crucial to have a mobile-friendly site. Consumers report they view that as very important and are more likely to make a purchase if the site is optimized for mobile and easy to navigate. Contact ZOG Digital today for a brand optimization audit.

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