Online shoppers in the U.S. will spend $54.47 billion this holiday season, a 17% increase from last year. This will account for 25% of total holiday retail spending, signifying the increasing presence of the Internet in gift giving.increase-holiday-traffic-sales

While search engine optimization (SEO) and Paid Media tactics are certainly crucial for internet retailers and should be utilized in your business, social media optimization (SMO) has become an impressive force in driving purchases. 81% of U.S. consumers said posts from their friends directly influenced their purchase decisions.

A social referral is the best way to establish credibility for consumers without face-to-face interaction. As social networks have altered how people connect, consumers often turn to digital referrals and reviews before making purchases, and are introduced to new brands and products through others posts and online activity.

For retailers, this presents many new opportunities in which to reach consumers. Optimizing your brand on social media networks allows you to increase visibility and engagement, subsequently increasing traffic and sales.

In the report “Social Media Optimization: 4 Tips to Increase Holiday Traffic and Sales,” we provide detailed recommendations and strategies that will help you make the utmost digital marketing impact this holiday season.

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