92% of consumers said they trust word-of-mouth from friends and family for travel recommendations over all else.smo travel

This illustrates why social media is the perfect way for those in the travel industry to connect with consumers. Online reviews and advertisements also ranked as highly influential in the study, however, a sense of personal connection prevailed. The best solution, of course, would be a combination of all – social media optimization (SMO), SEO and paid media.

Within social media networks, there are numerous methods in which to optimize your industry-specific services. The travel and tourism industry is unique in that it relies heavily on consumer reviews, necessitating several means of communication and contact.

Social media presents a more instantaneous, and therefore gratifying, way in which consumers can give feedback. Customer service can then be immediate as well. Increased interaction and engagement with guests gives those in the travel industry the ability to listen, make improvements and share recommendations.

Awareness increases proportionately with consumer connections. Others in their social networks will see comments, tags, pictures, etc. surrounding your brand or location. 76% of consumers report posting vacation pictures online and 52% say they’ve been inspired by posted content to go on vacation or look into a location. Social sharing is an invaluable marketing method.

Social media can also be a good way to research and increase knowledge on your industry competitors. Following the content they are putting out is important in knowing where you stand and how you can improve. Exclusive deals and campaigns for those in social media networks can drum up business as well.

52% of social media users said they’ve changed their travel plans after doing further research on a social network. Make the most of this and get started utilizing SMO tactics today!

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