Over 46% of specialized marketers think that retargeting is the most under-utilized online marketing technique. Luckily for you, this means there is a lot of room for improvement and many reasons to do so. ZOG Digital Vice President of Paid Media, Kim Giroux, explains retargeting as “a form of online advertising, in which a user that has visited your website can be shown targeted ads from your display media campaigns.”

This marketing tactic allows you to focus less on introducing yourself and establishing credibility, and more on what you have to offer and why it’s necessary.  You are advertising only to those who have visited your site and shown interest, but maybe need a little push to see it through. You just have to place retargeting pixels throughout your site in order to begin collecting an audience (whom you will target later on).

Retargeting can take into account both click-through and view-through rates, and can be used on social media sites as well as the more traditional pages. The important part is gathering the information on those who show the initial awareness.

After it is clear these specific users are aware you exist, research follows. This is where retargeting is crucial, because people aren’t always willing to do the research to determine exactly what you have to offer. So by determining what pages they visited, you can target ads that specify details on them. For instance, if a business is interested in your strategy services for a certain industry, you can target ads to them outlining plans and successful case studies.

Sequential offers go along with this, and present the opportunity to offer varying calls to action in a successive order. This is a good way to reel in users by highlighting aspects of your brand they may not have noticed before, as well as include further details or deals that might aid in their decision. We offer more sequential information from Kim Giroux here.

The final step in retargeting is closing the deal/the purchase. Customer acquisition, much like any other marketing tactic, is ultimately the goal. This technique allows you to have control over what is seen and who sees it, and to make sure it is wanted- Retargeting is advertising, reinvented.


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