Pinterest Rising in Organic Traffic

Pinterest is now above Yahoo as a leading source in online traffic. The social platform recently surpassed the search engine to become the fourth biggest source in sending organic traffic to publishers. Google and Bing also join Yahoo in dropping behind on referrals.

This report from Shareaholic shows that from July to August alone, Pinterest’s percentage of traffic rose from 1.38 to 1.84. With over 10 million users, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history. This recent finding solidifies “its growing importance in not only the social space, but the online space as a whole.”

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Viral Video of the Week: Old Spice Muscle Music

This latest Old Spice ad pushes Vimeo into the spotlight, and addresses the question as to whether a video can go viral without Youtube. Ad Age poses the theory: “while YouTube used to be core as a distribution platform, social networks are taking over much of that function.” The interactivity component also increases user engagement.




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