Search engine optimization (SEO) is comprised of four main components: on-site, off-site, local and reputation management, all of which target the overall goal of increasing visibility andSEO local acquisition. Local SEO is especially crucial when you want to reach certain areas and attract clients/customers within a specific geographic location.

Within local SEO, ZOG Digital Senior Vice President of Optimization Jason Squardo says that there are two important aspects. The first is working with the client’s location pages within their website, while the second is improving their Google+ local pages. The objective of both is for the client’s website to appear in searches with “geo” terms included.

Including location in tags and links can be helpful, as well as ensuring that the business citation (name, address, phone number) is included several places. A successful example of this is if the restaurant Macaroni Grill appeared when a term such as “Italian restaurant in Seal Beach” was entered. Local SEO is also increasingly important as alternative search methods, such as mobile, are gaining momentum.

Reviews on Google are crucial, and the more positive they are, the better. Business Insider reported that 72% of consumers believe online reviews are just as trustworthy as personal recommendations. 52% also said that they are more likely to visit a business or buy a product or service if the reviews are generally positive.

Leveraging local SEO for a brand is important because Google is constantly attempting to improve the information they deliver within search results, especially in terms of making the results more relevant in location. By improving your local SEO, you are ensuring that you are getting maximum visibility for your brand in local searches.

As stated on Search Engine Watch, around 1 million Google Places pages are being claimed each month. The continuous opportunities emerging for all businesses to increase their visibility makes it necessary to incorporate local SEO as an integral part in your overall marketing campaign. Utilizing every aspect of search engine optimization means you will be more likely to reach your target audience, both increasing awareness and engagement.


  • Steven

    Local SEO is vital for many small businesses and I firmly believe it is only going to get more important in the future. Claiming a Google+ business page is a critical step that a lot of small business owners still don’t understand, building reviews and citations (an even links since the merge from Places to +) is extremely important too. I always recommend that a client has their full address on all pages of their site and has some good content on where they are located, referencing nearby areas or local landmarks.

  • Nikhil Deshpande

    Nice post.
    All things boil down to one thing in the end “doing”.
    Doing is hard work…and small local business owners should realize that they can expect results only when things are “done”.
    Also the efforts planned should be executed on a consistent basis in long term.