Search engine optimization is crucial in digital marketing. There are several underlying components within the greater SEO: on-site, off-site, local, and reputation management. Whether you are focusing on one or all, there are a few ideas that extend across the digital marketing board. Below we have 3 of the most important tips to keep in mind as you strive for success in SEO, courtesy of our Vice President of Optimization, Jason Squardo.

  1. Keywords: It’s all about selecting the right keywords. Even if you do currently rank for the terms you select, you are still missing opportunities for advancement by not optimizing the correct terms. Those include keywords and phrases that are very specific to your businesses products or services. Unless you are widely known on the web, it’s best to stay away from generic phrases that are only one or two words.
  2. Content: Further utilize the benefits of keywords by incorporating them into quality content. If you’ve selected good, relevant keywords, they should be easy to naturally include them in your websites content. SEOJournalist recommends aiming for keyword density of about 8% within your content, which is roughly 50 keywords within every 600 words. Ensure your target keywords are in your title page tags as well.
  3. Linking: Look for natural linking opportunities first. Utilizing traditional business connections is often a good place to start, as illustrated here. Linking out to others will encourage them to link back to you. It’s also helpful to give tips relevant to your business and share your expertise to assert yourself as a leader in the industry.
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