“The number one issue facing marketers today is visibility.” –Jeff Herzog

The digital sphere presents a world of opportunity for all businesses- and therein lies the problem. Everyone is able to have a presence, making it crucial to stand out among the cluttered content in order to truly be seen.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid media advertising (PPC) are both marketing methods used to rise above the internet masses. Although one is better than none, the most effective campaign for your business should include SEO and PPC.  A combination of the two is necessary for dominant search visibility.

Investing in both PPC and SEO digital marketing tactics can result in an incremental lift in overall performance. This mutually beneficial relationship is exhibited through a 25 percent increase in paid search clicks for keywords organically ranking in the number one search engine results.

We believe so strongly in this digital marketing duo that we’ve created a report discussing it in greater detail. It includes specific facts and background information on why SEO and PPC perform more successfully together, as well as ZOG case studies illustrating the significant connection. There is an analysis on how to incorporate both organic and paid search into your marketing strategy, and the important next steps your business needs to take.

To learn more, download the The “Organic & Paid Search Connection Report” here!

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