Last December, Twitter announced a new feature that piqued brands’ interest: enhanced profile pages. Only 21 select brands committed to spending $2 million in ads, such as Coca-Cola and Best Buy, got access to the enhanced pages at the launch. Starting on February 1, enhanced profiles will be rolled out to all active advertisers on Twitter.

Enhanced profile pages offer up the following benefits over standard profile pages:

  • Customized header image- No other companies’ advertisements appear on your brand’s page, and headers may display anything from a current promotion to an expanded look at the logo.
  • Promoted Tweets at the top of brands’ pages with media expansion- Brands may remove clutter of non-pertinent Tweets and Retweets by focusing on their most important current messages. Videos and photos within the Tweets will auto-expand, a feature currently not available to non-enhanced pages.
  • Personalized colors and logos

Besides the current improvements enhanced pages offer to brands, Business Insider reports the new brand pages will also allow brands to house iFrame applications that will allow followers to play games and purchase brand products within Twitter, enticing users to make buying decisions immediately without driving them away to another site and keeping them engaged on the brands’ Twitter pages.

Marketing Implication

If you aren’t already doing so, consider allocating a portion of your brand’s paid spend to Twitter.

  • This will provide your customers a fuller customer experience. For brands whose customers spend much of their time on Twitter, an enhanced profile page gives followers a fuller customer experience that puts brands’ key messaging and branding media right in front of followers. With Twitter influencers having the power to account for 30% of brand purchases, more eye-appealing Twitter accounts are more likely to catch the attention of influencers.
  • Get your message heard by influencers and potential vocal advocates. In only 3 years, Twitter has grown from 1.3 million registered users to 200 million registered users, with more than 100 million active users who log in once a month and more than 50 million active users who log in every day. Twitter is where brands’ vocal advocates are, with case studies of Twitter campaigns displaying 500% increase in sales and 1,200% return on investment.
  • This may soon become a price of entry for any brand committed to a robust social presence. Expect to see many brands with enhanced pages soon. Promoted Trend ads may currently cost $120,000 per day, but Promoted Account ads and the traditional Promoted Tweet ads are auction-based.

Our paid media team at ZOG Digital has extensive experience with paid ad campaigns and will work with your brand to optimize performance of your Twitter ads. ZOG Digital’s social media team will work to optimize your brand’s Twitter enhanced page to target the right messaging to your followers. Please contact us here for more information.

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