Following up from Kyle Clifford’s blog post highlighting the importance of video search engine optimization, it’s a great time to review the growing consumer activity with video content online and how this affects the way advertisers can reach an engaged audience.

Cisco projected that by year-end 2012, Internet video will account for more than 50 percent of consumer Internet traffic. This marks a trend in the time spent interacting with different types of media online, which in turn presents a great opportunity for advertisers to optimize their media plan with a new way to engage their core audience on content that appeals to them–videos.

The methods to engage with this audience are varied. Video pre-roll, banner overlays, in-video text ads, in-banner video and companion ads round up the most common video advertising methods. The targeting capabilities and relative low cost make video ads appealing to advertisers.

Video pre-roll has advanced beyond its early beginnings, where pre-roll ads would play in their entirety–15 or 30 seconds–before playing a viewer’s original video of choice. Now, more and more networks are allowing viewers to watch short introductions before deciding if they would like to skip the ads or click to continue watching. This makes both advertisers and viewers happy since it’s less intrusive than the original method, qualifies viewers before running the entire ad, and can even present a cost savings with networks that charge off of only the extended video view.

Banner overlays and in-video text ads can help advertisers gain visibility during video playbacks, while in-banner video brings the advertiser’s video content within ad units displayed on publishers across the web. Companion ads are gaining popularity with out-of-video placements, moving to music streaming sites and others that serve short video ads between songs and display companion ads alongside the players.

The advancements in video advertising, in addition to increased consumer viewing activity (not to mention the tracking capabilities we as advertisers have come to love) make video advertising one medium to test in your media plan this year.

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