Some digital marketers think the most valuable links are the ones that sit atop search engine queries. While making sure your brand has effective search engine optimization is important, it shouldn’t be the only piece of your brand’s link building puzzle–BizDev linking is also vital to successfully spreading your brand.

BizDev linking (which SEO expert Eric Ward explains in detail in this Search Engine Watch article here) involves utilizing traditional business connections or opportunities to create online links. It boils down to finding complementary products or services to what you are offering and then creating a business relationship that extends beyond the traditional link exchange. A great example would be a blog about baking linking to a company that offers baking supplies. There is a direct connection between the content and the product being offered. On the flip side of that, the baking blog could have a recipes link on the baking products site. The link that is created should offer benefits to both websites/companies.

All quality links are important to search engines, and BizDev links aren’t any different. The real shift here lies in the thought process, mainly looking for link opportunities that naturally fit your business without search engines being a driving consideration. Simply put, it’s about creating links that make sense for your business first–if they happen to help with search, then it’s an added bonus.

The biggest way BizDev link building can optimize your brand is by creating visibility for your products and services in front of people that are already connected to what you offer in some way. While they might not directly need what you have to offer at that exact moment, chances are they will need what you offer at some point. Creating BizDev relationships within your own industry will lead to improvements in search engine results due to the links being topic-relevant and of quality.

When ZOG Media takes this approach to link building, we feel the key piece for success is generating a list of broad products or services that are related to what your company offers. To go back to the baking products reference, you would start with some broad concepts like baking recipe sites, craft sites and food blogs. From there, it is important to assign a person to narrow the broad concepts to specific websites or companies that make sense to directly target. The same person should then reach out to start building a traditional relationship with the person on the other end, explaining the synergy between the companies and the value to both sides. You need to be able to offer something that is valuable to the visitors of that website. If you can provide value and speak to that, you will see success. Another important factor is how you approach the relationship–you are trying to build a real connection, not just asking for a link to your website.

At ZOG Media, we use many different approaches to building quality links for our clients. The BizDev approach is great for certain clients, and when we identify those clients, we fully embrace the approach to make it work for the client. For us, it is simply one piece of the puzzle to building a strong link foundation based on relevance and quality. For more information on our BizDev link building services, go here.