Like most agencies, we’re continually asked what makes us different from our competitors in the digital marketing solutions space. Established with a heritage in search marketing, ZOG Media provides search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, website and mobile design/development, paid media marketing and digital strategy.

The need for a digital marketing company can arise through many different projects and initiatives. Some of our clients approach us with the need for an individual project like a mobile site or search engine optimization; others are seeking a digital agency of record. When the fit is right for both us and our client, we will position ourselves to act as an extension of our client’s marketing team.

Competitive Advantage

While on the surface our services seem similar to some agencies, it’s truly our history, leadership and knowledge of the industry that sets us apart. Many members of our executive team have been working together since 1998–nearly 15 years–and this provides a level of understanding and knowledge that the majority of digital agencies cannot match. To boot, we’re an independent agency that has a core mission of client success. That gives many of our clients services directly from our executive team, with a commitment to exceed their expectations.


One of the most common times to immediately jump into digital marketing tactics is when an organization is struggling. We’re fortunate to have a department of the agency that focuses purely on strategy. In many cases, our strategy and service teams will work with a client to dig into the fundamental causes for declining sales and develop a strategic plan to improve the bottom line. Sometimes this results in plans to focus on custom service versus direct sales, or sometimes this results in a website overhaul. This is something that isn’t fully understood until our team has gone through a full exploration process, which is vital to creating the most time- and cost-efficient campaigns for your company.

Strategy infiltrates every aspect of what we do at ZOG Media, including social media, design and any other digital marketing approach that might impact sales. While engagement is a very important metric to digital marketers, it typically is not top priority–we have found that most of our clients still care most about sales at the end of the day. When this is the case, engagement should accomplish specific goals in order to facilitate sales. We can do this through a social media loyalty campaign or a unique and creative design for a website or landing page. Again, for many organizations, it’s necessary to understand how engagement fits into your marketing strategy and how engagement will be measured to impact brand and/or purchase consideration.

Online/Offline Fragmentation

Fragmentation from offline channels to online starts with cohesive strategy and ends with a clear ability to measure combined and individual performance across media. This is not easily done; our team helped build one of the first offline to online measurement tools at iCrossing years ago, but this was still largely a manual process that utilized a team of analysts. When engaged at a level where we’re able to do so, we task our clients with pulling together their teams from all concentrations: marketing, Internet technology, public relations, etc. Campaigns that launch in traditional media often should be supported with paid media, cohesive digital creative and social content that reiterates campaign messaging.

While not perfect, many analytics tools are now able to measure a much larger breadth of the marketing mix than once before, when campaigns are tagged correctly and a bigger picture trend is understood. Understanding the numerous channels that facilitate conversions and the final channel that drove the sale is instrumental to minimizing fragmentation of offline to online and truly measuring performance, and here at ZOG, we have the tools to measure these.

One of our greatest strengths here at ZOG Media is that we have all the services to remedy business pain points here in-house. Combine that with the extensive experience of our team, we’re able to come up with unique solutions based on your business needs. We work cohesively here at ZOG, communicating about what is best for our clients. Like we believe search, social and design all work together, so we believe in taking a holistic approach in executing the most efficient strategies for our clients.