ZOG Media recently partnered with a third-party ad server for its paid media services clients.

Third party ad servers are vital for accurate conversion tracking across multiple digital placements. Without a 3rd party ad server, your business runs the risk of attributing what was in reality one conversion to many placements claiming to be the referrer.

A third-party ad server ensures your campaign conversions are attributed to the correct referrer and allows your business to count your conversions a single time.

Third-party ad servers can also track conversions, sign-ups, lead form fills, and other actions. This feature is not unlike analytics tools such as Google Analytics, but with the major advantage of having this data in the same system used to manage the ads. With this, optimizations can be made quickly, with a higher degree of accuracy, and across buys and placements–something that can’t be easily done with standalone systems. This is especially significant considering the various analytics and management tools report conversions differently, and don’t always match up. Knowing this information allows the account manager to refine and optimize the ads, which in turn helps make your advertising strategies more advanced. Third-party ad servers ensure the optimizations made to the campaigns are accurate all the systems are organized and work together–making your advertising campaign the most effective it can be.

A final benefit not to be forgotten is that the third-party ad server also allows the creative to be optimized immediately. This is incredibly significant to companies executing a reputation management campaign and clients running large volume campaigns. Third-party ad servers are able to track advertising activity across all platforms, eliminating wasted time for your business and providing your company with the most comprehensive data of what types of ads work and what kinds of adjustments should be made.

ZOG Media believes third-party ad servers are fundamental for the businesses we work with because we want our clients to save the most money and maximize conversions. For more information on our paid media services, go here.