It’s a chilly fall morning at a local coffee shop. In the corner sits a mother, searching on her laptop for the best preschool options for her toddler. Next to her, a businessman is using his iPhone to read user reviews about golf clubs. Across the room, a couple perusing Facebook makes plans to eat at a new restaurant after seeing a friend’s rave review.

What do these experiences have in common? They are all Zero Moments of Truth, ZMOT for short, according to the genii over at Google who recently released a marketing e-book on the subject. ZMOTs are the few precious seconds in which would-be consumers learn and decide. It’s during these moments that marketing matters most, because it’s in these moments that information is found and shared, and where purchase decisions are made. In today’s world where hectic schedules force people to make speedy judgments about products and services, the need to identify and understand ZMOT is more crucial than ever before.

What makes a Zero Moment of Truth? ZMOT happen online, typically starting with a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube or any other search tool. We’ll add social media to the list, from popular sites like Facebook and Twitter to online review sites. We’ll also argue that they happen on-the-go via mobile devices, in homes and at work, basically anywhere and everywhere.

Millions of choices are made every single day in a ZMOT. They happen via search results, in user reviews, across social networks, within text and image ads, next to news headlines, in videos, and, of course, on websites. The question is: do you know how your brand fares in a ZMOT?

Over the next few weeks on our blog, we’ll be digging deeper to explore the fundamentals of ZMOT, highlighting best practices and presenting case studies.

Here’s a sneak peek at our next blog on ZMOT: Learn more about just how impactful ZMOT are on consumers based on intriguing studies, and see why having ZOG support is so important for your business to maximize the potential of ZMOT.

Want to learn more about ZMOT? Download the free e-book here.

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