“You like me! You really, really like me!” Those now-famous words said by Sally Field during her 1985 Academy Award acceptance speech ring true for many brands today within the social space. It’s what they want. It’s what they need.

The ubiquitous little blue button lives on websites, blogs, Facebook pages and within various other digital spaces and just wants to be clicked. You see, it’s the click that brands yearn for. It’s corporate validation; giving proof positive that people out there in all corners of the web, really do like them.

Nowadays, you can “Like” nearly everything – and anything. You can like an article from The New York Times. You can “Like” a picture of your friend’s last vacation. You can “Like” a deal, a recipe and even a status update on Facebook. But as a brand, the never-ending question remains: “How do I get people to “Like” my page?

It’s not as easy as it seems. Brands spend thousands of marketing dollars screaming to be “Liked”. But there are certain strategies that savvy digital markets can implement to make the process easier.

Find Your Fans. Do you have an internal email list? How about an e-newsletter? Use these marketing vehicles to tell your would-be fans about your Facebook page. Since they most likely already gave you their email address, they must like you. Now make it official by simply asking them to “Like” you on Facebook.

Make It Special. Be sure your Facebook fans have a reason to “Like” the page. Give them special offers; present exclusive discounts, content, access, etc. And just like any good friend, don’t talk too much. Nobody is going to “Like” a page if it’s a one-way conversation. Be sure to listen to what your fans have to say and give them a chance to speak up. It’s a science, too. People are used to getting special deals from social sites – click here to read an article on what consumers want from brands online.

Lock It Up. Remember the old saying, “Why buy the cow if you get the milk for free?” The same is true for Facebook. Why would a potential fan “Like” the page if they can get all the offers without the commitment? Using a little code, you can truly make your Facebook page exclusive so only fans that have clicked “Like” can access the Facebook page. Click here for a good example.

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