Last month Google added another feature to their location extension – Maps. With the blend of natural and local listings that took place a few months ago, it seems only fitting that Google would better enhance their paid product.

How does it work?
The paid result with the location extension will appear with a blue map pin in the ad as well as on the map. Like searches that display local results, these are targeted at the keyword and not IP level.

How can I set this up?
Good news for business owners who have already set up location extensions. This is an automatic feature that requires no additional set up or fees. If you have not set up location extensions, you need to link your Google Places account to Adwords. This option can be found under Ad extensions & Locations.

What does this mean for marketers?
The recent enhancements mean marketers should be taking location extensions even more seriously then before. If different locations carry different offers, this means setting up unique extensions at the ad level. While this is tedious, it means a more relevant experience for users and ultimately, improved performance for marketers.

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