New Instagram Advertising API Exposes Massive Social Opportunities

For the first time, marketers can start buying Instagram ads and planning their Instagram marketing with more automation, similar to ad buys on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has officially switched on its advertising API. This means that almost immediately, brands big and small will be able use the major mobile platform as display-based business opportunity. Now, all brands will get their time in the filtered sun. In one of the

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Be Found: Crafting Keyword Visibility Around Consumer Intent

Consumers are leveraging search engines more than ever before to research products prior to purchase. But what consumers find during this process depends on their search habits and how humanlike a brand’s digital footprints are. A website’s digital footprints are part of what reacts to search engine queries, and it’s what places products in front of consumers who are in that research stage. These footprints must be cultivated and nurtured.

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A Break Up Letter: YouTube and Google+ Split Up

It’s not you, it’s me…. A public statement from both parties tell only one story: YouTube will no longer require a Google+ profile when you want to upload a video, write a comment, or create a channel. In the weeks to come, Google+ will stop integrating into Google identities altogether, starting with YouTube. After a lot of user feedback, a Google Account will be all that’s necessary to share content,

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Why Digital PR is Essential for Content Outreach

Below we explore the breakdown of Digital PR and how your brand can elevate its digital authority through content outreach and relationship marketing. This article was originally published by —— The integration of digital media into everyday life has reshaped how society functions, evolving how consumers get their news, how they shop and how they build relationships. The Internet is continuously changing, and it is important that your public

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5 Ways Retailers Can Convert Online Traffic To Brick And Mortar Retail Sales

Digital interactions influence 50 percent of in-store sales according to a study from Deloitte Digital. While the majority of shopping still happens offline, many brands have found creative ways to drive offline sales through digital efforts. A study from Dimensional Research shows that 91 percent of consumers have gone into a store based on an online experience. By developing quality relationships and cohesive marketing strategies that tie digital and traditional

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Use Of Responsive Design In Retail Doubles

Smartphones are convenient, social, and the fact that two out of three Americans own one puts an emphasis on brands to be mobile-friendly in 2015. Just as there was a transition from “on your desk” to “in your email,” the “I just texted you” culture shift is upon us. Innovative developers are finding solutions to integrate mobile devices into daily human functions: from navigation to gaming to even dating. Shopping

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Improve Twitter Advertising Relevancy And Automation With New Event Targeting Tools

Earlier this morning, Twitter released event targeting to help brands and marketers target their ads at users already engaged with live events. This update provides three new tools (Calendar, Insights, and Activation) to improve audience targeting and content relevance by integrating trending events and user data into campaign strategies. Update Highlights: Events Calendar gives brands a way to discover upcoming major live events. Event Insights gives you a bird’s eye

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How to Pitch Content to Major Publications for Search Exposure

ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern discusses the best practices of pitching content for increased exposure through off-page SEO. This article was originally published by ——- Content development is a key component in any SEO strategy. In today’s content-driven market, the articles, videos or images that make up your marketing campaign will make or break its effectiveness. You need native content to power a proper campaign, and while creating content itself

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Search Engine Land: Talent Vs. Technology — Choosing The Right SEO Solution

Finding the right SEO solution to elevate your brand’s exposure and maximize resources can be a daunting task. Discover how talent and technology stack up for your needs by asking the right questions.

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LOL for ROI: Increase Conversions With Humor

ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern shares how brand’s can leverage humor to drive user engagement and conversions. This article was originally published by ——- Developing a human presence in today’s digital age can help differentiate your brand and build stronger connections with users. Even large brands like Google have chosen to not take themselves too serious by leveraging clever humor to deliver their industry-leading content and service offerings. Balance your

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