Does Your Google AdWords Campaign Cost-Effectively Convert?

Are your ads converting like they should? Any “Joe Schmo” can put together a Google AdWords campaign, but you need a deep understanding of how Google’s unique features pair with audience behaviors and interests to profitably achieve your goals. Proper planning, targeting and research can make the most of your marketing dollars and develop effective campaigns that drive sales. Utilize these five strategies to ensure your brand is converting efficiently

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Storytelling 101: What Defines Good Content for Off-Page SEO?

To be effective with content creation, your brand must integrate link building and off-page SEO tactics. If your brand fails at developing a comprehensive marketing plan that leverages link building, it is more vulnerable to lose traction in search results. Protect and improve your rankings for the keyword phrases your audience is searching for by producing quality, optimized content and following these 3 rules: It provides a service to a

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Is Your Marketing Budget Generating The Best ROI?

Ignorance is not always bliss. You may think your business is “all set” when it comes to marketing, but what you don’t know might be hindering your growth. More often than not we see brands overlook opportunities to get the most from their marketing dollars. We frequently find that our clients were unaware of what they’re able to achieve with their marketing dollars until the proper strategy is applied. With

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Search Engine Land: The Evolution Of SEO Trends Over 25 Years

Understanding the trends in SEO over the last 25 years is essential to predict future opportunities. Explore the evolution of optimization. Is your brand ready to be found in a more personalized and instant web experience?

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Facebook’s Advertising Options Will Soon Be Available On Instagram

Three years after Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, all of Facebook’s advanced targeting tools for advertisements will now be available on Instagram. What this means for digital marketers is that it will be even easier to target potential customers if you have the budget. Currently, digital marketers can only target based on gender, location and age. In the next few months, you will be able to integrate a user’s

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THE UX Checklist: Does Your Site Make the Cut?

Test UX Frequently or Fail at Driving Conversions When was the last time you viewed your website as one of your visitors? Bad user experience can be a major reason your website and marketing doesn’t convert consumers. By creating an experience that is optimized and fluidly moves users through the sales cycle, your brand can increase its digital output and drive more online engagement. Below is a highlight from our

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The Keyword Analysis Catch 22: Personalized Marketing in a Private World

The Internet is in a struggle between privacy and convenience. Users want an experience that is smart and personalized without sacrificing personal information. This recent demand has caused an interesting shift for marketers as we try to deliver that experience without asking for too much information. Understanding user behaviors plays a big part in creating an experience that engages users and keeps them feeling comfortable and secure. How To Personalize Marketing

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How Trendy Are You? Tapping Search Trend Analysis to Drive Seasonal Sales

Seasonal trends have a big influence on consumer decisions and ecommerce. Ensure your brand is prepared to handle seasonal demands by understanding trends in user search and online behavior. Leverage data to build qualified digital strategies that can increase visibility and engagement for trending topics. Study Trends In Search The success of seasonal campaigns relies strongly on timing. Understanding how users behave online and the patterns they develop in search

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What You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Video Ad Option

With video advertisements becoming increasingly popular for brands, Twitter announced today that it will now offer autoplay video to its users just like Facebook. These ads will also be displayed larger in users feeds and with no sound unless a user clicks on the ad. Unlike Facebook, however, if a user flips the screen sideways, the sound on the ad will be turned on. Vine videos and GIFs will also be supported in advertisements.

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In surprising move, Jack Dorsey returns to Twitter as CEO

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter in 2006 and first CEO, is returning as interim CEO after months of criticism about current CEO Dick Costolo. Effective July 1, Costolo will step down but still remain on the Board of Directors. In response to these changes Dorsey said, “The future belongs to Twitter thanks in large part to Dick Costolo’s dedication and vision. Dick has put a world-class team in place and created

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